Note: This is my submission for the "I can't draw" GameJam.

We write the year 2519 - humanity has become settled in space and casually travels around the galaxy. Even the entertainment industry is now shooting their broadcasts somewhere around Alpha Centauri. The most recent show is called "Space Colosseum" and spots an incredible orbital battle carried out by modern gladiators.

As a space gladiator you bring your ship into battle and try to survive longer than the others. Who's going to be the last standing?

Game Art:
- Big ship: Had it already
- Other Objects: Not more than 10 min. each
- Soundtrack: 30 min.

Unity, Visual Studio, Audacity, Online Sequencer
SketchBook, Gimp & Spritesheet Plugin by Spydarlee
Outline Effect by Cakeslice

Next steps after the game jam:
- More items and balancing
- Network multiplayer
- Tablets, Consoles, Gamepad support
- Presentation, Story


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Mutiplayer concept is great, and some icons like weapon and star i can not pick up, is that a bug?

Thanks for testing the game! The problem might be that you already had an item. For example, if you already have the green item picked up, you need to place all the mines before you can take up a new item.